TAR ISTEACH – workshop 6

13 / 3 / 12

Our session with Tar Isteach this week compromised of an interview with an elderly member of the community conducted at their home, and a workshop in which younger participants played each other field recordings made for the project. 
Edie, a woman living in the local community for many years had previously agreed to be interviewed for the “Sounds of the City” project. Having spent her life in Belfast, Edie provided vivid descriptions evoking the soundscape of the cities industrial past, the roaring mills, work-horns and dancehalls, beyond to the closure of these industries, the enclosure of many communities, `and the developing quiet. This conversation, while providing information about the sound-world of Edie’s life, also demonstrated how looking at everyday experience can enable us to gain insight into larger issues and events from a personal perspective. 
Moving on to Tar Isteach Community Center, participants presented field recordings they had made since the previous session. These ranged from sounds of eating to football fields to snippets of conversation; snapshots of life from around the community in both private and public realms. 
 Our session concluded by arranging times for participants to make field recordings with higher quality equipment and the aid of the SARC team in order to provide material for the final exhibition. 
Although vastly different in approach, both interview and listening session provided platforms for personal experience to be do