DEE STREET – workshop 3

7 / 3 / 12

March 7th’s workshop in Dee Street was conducted with younger participants from the community, presenting them with exercises and discussions regarding listening and everyday sounds. The group began by listening to a member of the SARC team reading a text describing a specific auditory experience, then discussing the first sound each person heard that morning. Thinking about sounds heard early in the morning brought about a discussion of how we talk about sound, and the shortcomings we encounter when trying to vocalize or write about these experiences. 
To explore focused listening and our faculties to describe these experiences further, the group split up into pairs, going on short sound-walks around Dee street Community Center, noting any sounds each person heard, while a member of the SARC team took photographs of the locations visited. 
Returning to our workshop space, the photographs were projected onto a wall, to which participants stuck up notes describing how they experienced various sounds. An exercise by which each member was asked to document a sound experience in their everyday lives outside the workshop was then explained, allowing participants to apply these listening methods in a different context.
 The workshop concluded with portable sound recorders being distributed in order to enable the group to provide recordings of their everyday lives for the project.