27 / 02 – 05 / 03

For next week make three entries as part of a ‘Sound Diary’. Pick three specific periods (5 minutes at the very least) to focus solely on listening. This can be done by simply staying in one place, walking to a certain place, or during a specific event. Take detailed notes about your experience during or directly after this session. Now attempt to put your notes and thoughts into a piece of text or diagram.
Some approaches which may be useful:
-Write a paragraph or two describing sound from a personal perspective; what you have heard, what it made you think, what it reminded you of, anything it brings to mind.
?-Draw a graph/map representing how you’ve experienced listening for a few minutes/ the sounds of a certain place.?? The photocopy handed out could give you some ideas but feel free to come up with your own system if this suits.??

Make sure to record dates, times and places. Don’t be embarrassed about your writing/drawing. Remember to try to make your sound diary as detailed and descriptive as possible.??

Mark Birch

‘I was sitting in my kitchen watching my dear mother cook. As she was rinsing the vegetables I could hear the running water splashing and sloshing around them. As she chopped the onions I could hear them crunch and crack, then it was time to put them on the pan, all I could hear was the loud simmering of the caramelizing onions. When she was setting the plates you could hear them thrashing off one another making loud cracking noises. What is that sound? Is it a note? A slur? Is it a noise? Does it bother you? Does it please you? Do you take this sound personally?

Sound diary #2

Sound diary #3