TAR ISTEACH – workshop 4

27 / 02/ 12

Techniques for listening and documenting sound were the focus of the fourth workshop which took place at Tar Isteach Community Center. The group began by running through some visual and written approaches to recording sound; personal writing, observational writing, graphs of experience and sound maps. A task was set by which each member of the group would create a diary documenting sound on three occasions for the upcoming week. In order to collectively investigate these recording techniques each participant took some paper and walked to Alexandra Park, to list and listen to the sounds present in this area. This exercise began at six o’clock; the roar of rush hour traffic intermittently punctuated by sounds of swans and human activity were central elements of the soundscape. Upon returning to Tar Isteach a photograph of the pond was projected on the wall. Then, using post-it notes each member placed the name of a sound in relation to where and how it was heard. The exercise brought about a discussion touching on subjects such as the nature of sound, how we hear it and how different factors and conditions, ranging from temperature to cognition, affect it. After looking at some methods of sound mapping the session ended, allowing participants to begin documenting their own sound experiences.