TAR ISTEACH – workshop 1

06 / 02 / 12

Our first workshop for the ‘Sounds of the City’ project took place at Tar Isteach community center, situated on the Antrim Road in North Belfast. After our inevitable struggle to find the building and late arrival, we (group from SARC) met with those participating in the project from Tar Isteach. The group compromised of Tar Isteach’s youth worker, the MAC’s Learning and Participation Officer, many of the local teenagers, and Eddie, a member of the local community who had agreed to share with the younger group his experiences of working and living in Belfast in the past. After discussing the brief for the ‘Sounds of the City’ project and introducing the rest of the group to the type of work happening at Sonic Arts Research Center, questions were directed towards Eddie about his time spent working on ships in Belfast, focusing on his everyday soundscape. Every morning horns would blow across sections of the city, alerting workers and non-workers alike, while in the shipyard there was no protection provided against the constant industrial noise. This conversation allowed those of us with no experience of a more industrialized Belfast to gain some sense of what it was like to live and what was heard there in the past. The group then concluded the session by outlining and discussing the type of activities that would be planned for future workshops.